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Project Description
AppFabric Extensions is a set of management extension for Windows Server AppFabric. Instead of having a seperate executable, AppFabric Extensions integrates itself into IIS 7+ management console, just like Windows Server AppFabric does.

Management Extensions for Windows Windows Server AppFabric project is aimed to add missing management components of Windows Server AppFabric.

Current release of Windows Server AppFabric has a built in management functionality over PowerShell which you need to know details about PowerShell as well as AppFabric management commands (ok, it's not too hard ;) ) AppFabric Extensions project targets this little missing piece within Windows Server AppFabric.

I hope it takes your Windows Server AppFabric experience one step further.


AppFabric Extensions project currently have the following modules:
CacheAccounts.png CacheClusterBackupRestore.png

AppFabric Extensions on twitter :

Remote administration support added with the release AppFabric Extensions

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